I am a freelance multimedia journalist and author. This site shows examples of my photographic, video, and written pieces.

Feel free to contact me through the site if you are interested in my work.

All comments are welcome- but are subject to editing by the site holder for grammar or length.
Any posts that contain content that is considered offensive to the editor will be deleted, and the poster subject to being blocked.
Everything on here is mine solely, or in collaboration with others, unless otherwise noted. Any unauthorized reproduction or misuse will result in legal action.

2 Responses to About

  1. Anne Thompson says:

    I’m confused. Nowhere on this page does it say who you are, by name. Seems like others, besides me, would like to know. Searched the other pages, to no avail. Who are you?

    • A. Leanne says:

      My name is Leanne Simon. I am the Education Director with a non-profit called Zomppa, and I also work at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke. My focus is on food justice and cross-cultural understanding. I have been remiss in updating the site, but will be posting new photos and a new essays tab as we move into Autumn.

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