Child of Pride

Durham, NC Pride Festival/Parade


One Response to Child of Pride

  1. I heard this comedian say something about “gay marriage” and that she just calls it “marriage” and that she doesn’t have “gay lunch” she just has “lunch”. I thought that was a good point. To that, sometimes Pride Festivals seem strange to me. I’m all for being proud and having community, but everyone is swept up by this and sometimes it feels kind of hollow to me. Does that make sense? We’re all just people. I do enjoy people watching at pride so I’m a bit of a hypocrite.
    On a different note…I really like the one of Oskar scowling into the camera. Great focus, you captured a moment there. Also the one of the kid in the orange shirt and the pride flag tucked under it.
    I’m curious what did the X&O think of Pride?

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