Documentary Films

An Aboriginal youth and her mother discuss their experiences with the juvenile justice system in Australia.


The five-year follow-up to Más Que Nada, Son de Aquí focuses on the Santana children as they grapple with identity, illness, and working in the fields.


Commissioned by Witness for Peace Southeast and filmed in Buenaventura, Colombia in June 2014. The Puente Nayero community is the country’s first urban humanitarian area. Organizers there are under direct threat by paramilitary groups, who seek to enter and regain control of the neighborhood. This is the first of a series I am working on about the individuals and organizations visited by the delegation in 2014.


My longest piece to date. “Upbuilding Whitted” explores the history and significance of the Whitted building, a structure that was built in 1922 as the first high school to serve African Americans. In 1949 it became J.A. Whitted Junior High School. In the documentary former students and teachers, as well as community leaders and preservationists discuss what the structure means to them and the importance of rescuing it.

I was brought in as the editor for this film. Filming is by Chi Brown, audio work by Purity Kimayo, and Bruce DePyssler was the director. Archival photos and video courtesy of the Durham Public Library.

This is a short film edited by DL Anderson, using photos and recorded interviews from my documentary work as an intern with Student Action with Farmworkers

As a student at the Duke Center for Documentary Studies, my course partner and I made this film about a local daycare’s garden project.

A five minute documentary about a man and his pig.

One minute profile piece- unidentified migrant worker

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